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What is a Bible Bump?

Sep 19, 2017 1:20:00 PM

Ganglion Cysts are bumps filled with fluid that are either on the wrist or hand. The most common location...

Why is MRI Useful in Determining an ACL Tear? How is a Tear Treated?

Sep 11, 2017 8:12:00 AM

The MRI is diagnostic in determining whether the ACL is torn.  Partial tears are rare and occur most...

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery - August

Sep 8, 2017 7:11:00 AM

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and its stability and function rely on the...

What You Need to Know About Concussions in Sports

Aug 29, 2017 1:58:00 PM

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries that affect over 200,000 athletes each year.


Bulging Disc? 5 Signs that should see a Spine Doctor

Aug 25, 2017 7:36:00 AM

Do you have a herniated or bulging vertebral disc?

ACL - What Is It?  Why Is an ACL Injury So Devastating?

Aug 18, 2017 1:08:00 PM

Preseason camps for fall sports are upon us, accompanied by continued basketball participation.  The...

Shin Splints: Common Overuse Injury in Runners

Aug 12, 2017 8:48:00 AM

Shin splints, more recently named medial tibial stress syndrome, are a common injury that has been closely...

What You Need To Know About Migraine Headaches

Aug 2, 2017 9:51:00 AM

About Migraine Headaches

Ankle Sprain vs. High Ankle Sprain: What's the Difference?

Jul 24, 2017 7:06:00 AM

What is an ankle sprain?

Osteoarthritis: A Growing Problem

Jul 20, 2017 4:01:00 PM

Also sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis(OA) is the most common chronic...

What is an Orthopedic Specialist?