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16 Mar

Embarrassing Toes? Nail Fungus? Laser Treatment can Help!

by Ralph J. Napolitano, Jr., DPM, CWSP, FACFAS

Embarrassed to go barefoot?

Treatment for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is an embarrassing chronic condition that impacts your quality of life and can lead to serious health problems for those with diabetes or immune disorders.  Nail infection can start as a result of family history of susceptibility, increasing age, poor health, nail trauma, warm or moist climates, exposure to infected nails in sports/ fitness, and tight shoes.

What is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is an infection of your toenails.  It's caused by several types of fungi that are everywhere in our environment.  Fungus can cause permanent deformity of the nail, which can interfere with your being able to wear shoes, walking, sports, and other activities.

What are the signs and symptoms of toenail fungus?

  • Yellow streaks in the skin under the nail, or nail bed, and on the underside of the nail
  • Buildup of bits and pieces of skin and nail fragments under the nail
  • Discolored and thickened nail that may separate from the skin under the nail
  • Brittle, broken, and thickened nails
  • White spots or streaks on the nail surface
  • Soft and powdery nail surface, which appear as the infection worsens
  • Damaged, crumbly, and brown or gray nail surface, with no separation of the nail from the underlying skin


The treatment of nail infection is difficult because the infection is under and inside of the nail.  Treatments such as medicated polish or oral medications may be associated with side effects.  Home remedies such as using bleach, mouthwash, or vinegar to resolve the problem are often tried but ultimately, fail to resolve the problem. 

laser1.jpgGenesisplus is the premium FDA cleared laser for onychomycosis, scars, and warts. Safe and effective, this in-office treatment is pain free, has no harmful side effects, and typically takes only 30-minutes to complete.  Treatment typically consists of 3 sessions.  The laser treats and kills the fungus without damage to the surrounding nail or tissue.  Significant improvement is typically seen in 6 months to one year but many times patients notice results within 2-4 months.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Like any other infection, it is always possible to become re-infected which is why is important to follow all of the protocols and instruction provided by your doctor for the best long-term results.

Do you have toenail fungus, warts, or scars that are keeping you from your favorite sandals?  Interested in trying Laser Care?  Dr. Ralph Napolitano Jr., Podiatrist and Wound Care Specialist Physician at OrthoNeuro can help!  Click the button below to schedule a consultation. Packages and individual treatments available.

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