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11 Aug

Should I see a hand doctor for that bump on my wrist?

by Courtney Gittins

Wrist pain, Wrist bump, Ganglion CystGanglion Cysts are bumps filled with fluid that are either on the wrist or hand. The most common location for them is on the back of the hand directly on the wrist joint.They can sometimes form on the ankles and feet. Ganglion cysts resemble water balloons and are filled with clear, thick, heavy, fluid. These cysts occur in patients all ages, but are most common between 20-40 years old. They can frequently be formed due to joint or tendon irritation in the hand/wrist.  They are benign (Non cancerous) and located directly under the skin. Ganglion Cysts are more common in women than men.


  • Gideon's Disease
  • Bible Cyst
  • Bible Bump

 Signs & Symptoms:

  • Soft or firm bump typically on wrist
  • Light can often pass through these lumps
  • Initially begins as bump (typically less than 2.5 cm in diameters) will grow if you use that joint for repetitive motion
  • Usually painless, however if presses on nerve can cause pain, numbess or tingling

 Treatment Options:

  • Do Nothing. Ganglion cyst can disappear with no treatment at all
  • Aspiration.  Physician uses a needle to draw out fluid
  • Surgery.  Only suggested if the cyst is causing large amounts of pain or causing numbness in the hand

Visit a hand doctor to determine the best treatment for your "bump".

Need a referral?  OrthoNeuro has 5 orthopedic surgeons who treat ganglion cysts.

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